Day to Night Make-Up

The week is finally winding down, and you’re ready to have fun. You’ve been working all week, and it’s time to show everyone how you look outside of your work paraphernalia. While you’re picking through outfits, don’t forget to change up one of the most important things… your MAKEUP! 

For many business women, day to night makeup is drastically different. During the day, ladies have a more neutral-light looking foundation, nude lipstick, and maybe a small hint of eyeshadow. You’ll almost never see women who basically “painted” their face on the job because they do not want to bring too much attention to the WRONG THINGS. In the work world, women should be focused on the job at hand, their looks are only appropriate for their environment. 



After hours, your makeup is a DIFFERENT STORY. Honestly, you should never “paint” your face (wearing makeup that’s so obvious that you look like a different person), BUT women should definitely be encouraged to ENHANCE THEIR FEATURES.

One way to enhance your features are to wear makeup that compliments your outfit. For example, wearing a bold color of eyeshadow to enhance that beautiful dress you’re really is DEFINITELY OK!  



You can also add a little more foundation to your look, especially if you’re conturing. The goal is to look as good as you feel! Even a change of color with your lipstick can do that. Most importantly, Have fun with your night makeup, after a long week… YOU DESERVE TO! 




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