Spring Into Your New Look!

Spring into your New Look!

2016, new year, new you, and NEW LOOK! Yes, I said it! Goals are great to set, BUT you have to switch your style up to get ready for the NEW things ahead! You don’t have to go buy a new set of clothes to achieve spring into your new look, but buying different accessories regardless of if it’s a new blazer, top, or pair of pants can really boost your confidence into accomplishing all of your goals for the year. 

Mixing the Old with the New

Now a blazer can be worn any time of the year. It’s best to have your classic ones: black, gray, or blue, with your trendy, or should I say “boyfriend’s blazer”, short, medium, and long sleeve with a variety of patterns and colors to keep YOU the center of attention this year. 

You should have a new look for different events as well. Again you do NOT have to go on a shopping spree for this, you can simply transcend your day look into a night look by adding or taking away accessories/garments.

The look above is a perfect example of what Im talking about! Jennifer Anniston has a look for every part of the day!

Notice that she has the same hairstyle, two of her pictures have the same shoes, ANDSHE IS OWNING IT!

Your Look Says ALOT about you

Not only should you change your look for you, BUT you need to for your future. Every year, every month, and even EVERY DAY YOU ARE GROWING! Let that growth show not only in your actions but how you present yourself. 

To sum it up…

Looks can tie into your self esteem, landing that big time job, and even discovering who YOU are on a deeper level. When you’re shopping, buy something that you’ve been looking at forever! Take a chance on that bright, beautiful, and bold “yellow” blazer. 

YOU are your BEST ASSET. Spring into your new look by showing yourself off to the WORLD. YOU DESERVE TO!


Photo 1- http://tastyprettythings.com/jennifer-aniston-style/

Photo 2- http://letsrestycle.tumblr.com/post/54494209108/paris-haute-couture-fall-2013-street-style-day-1


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