Hair styling Tips for Valentines Day!


Love is in the air! While creating the perfect “I Love You” cards, remember to show just as much affection with your hairstyles for this holiday of love! Check out these romantic hairstyles to wear for Valentine’s Day.

Halo Braid

Braiding styles are perfect for a Goddess of Love look that will have everyone giving you XOXO’s all day long!

The angelic Halo Braid is a simple yet elegant style. “Part your hair down the center. Starting at the nape of your neck on your left side, begin creating an inverted French braid following your hairline. Continue doing so the entire way around your head until you've braiding all your hair. Finally, tuck the secured ends under the braid and you're done,” explains cosmopolitan. Achieve the Halo Braid with any of our products.  Give a twist on this classic look, by using our Belladonna Wavy hair in the 12 inch option for an even softer look around the edges and a braid that has a slightly wavy texture.

Hues of Love

Wearing red, pink, or purple for Valentine’s Day is traditional, but adding pops of color in your style will make you stand out in all the right ways. Create a bob with our Bella Box Curls! Add a purple kiss of color to your bouncy bob, and watch how everyone admires your colorful ringlets!


Soft curls that brush gently across the neck, are sure to capture the heart of many admirers!  Our Belladonna Natural Wave in the 24 inch option, is extremely versatile and is perfect for flirty soft curls. For another great curly style, twist and pin  small sections of curls  using our Belladonna Bone Straight in our 30 inch option for an enchanting look.

Embracing regal styles such as Roll ups will also be popular this Valentine’s Day, explains hairstyleco. The classic flair of roll ups styles look amazing during the day, but can be enticing at night!  The richness of the hair highlights the natural twist of an assortment of sleek bangs  in an appealing swept describes

Pin curls in the shape of roses can also give you a distinct look for Valentine’s Day! Wow everyone at the party with intricate details that will have them falling in love with each strand of your mesmerizing style.

Whether you shine with the braids, brighten up your love’s day with color, or have your mate running their hands through your curls, whichever style you choose is sure to put you and those around you in a lovely mood for Valentine’s Day!

What will be your go to hairstyle for Valentine’s Day? Answer below: We would love to read your thoughts!

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