Human vs. Synthetic Hair Showdown

It’s no secret that the debate between human and synthetic hair involves  style preferences and finances. Researching  hair is an exciting journey that provides the treasure of  new looks!

Two reasons that people value human over synthetic hair are the texture feels nice when touched and its appearance looks more natural. People may know that someone is wearing a wig and or extensions, but if the hair looks natural, then wearing hair that is bought may be more acceptable. Admiration for dynamic hairstyles  and inquiries on where the hair was bought, exclaiming, “Wow, I love your hair!” compliments are given to human hair and synthetic hairstyles, but some ill words may still be thrown at wears of synthetic hair.

Myths surrounding people who wear human hair are they have larger bank accounts , higher social status in life,  and  have plenty of money  to spend on the  highest quality of hair.

This perception reinforces the stigma that people who wear synthetic hair don’t care enough about their appearance or life to invest in something real.

Team Synthetic Hair

The evolution of the hair care industry provides numerous options for synthetic hair products. With so much change,  several myths about hair in general have been dismissed.  Synthetic hair texture began as the ever dreaded plastic look and transformed to appear more natural and smooth, allowing  for more support for Team Synthetic Hair.

Some synthetic  hair is heat resistant, but most kinds are made from “nylon, plastic fibers and other man-made materials that are processed in a factory, then colored to imitate hair fibers,” explains The magic of synthetic hair that is like human hair, it can be very lively with bouncy curls  and or waves  by wrapping strands of hair by sections around rods and dipped each section in boiling water, explains


When dipping the hair, it is extremely important to be mindful of how close your face gets to the water. The water will be very hot and can cause severe pain if it touches the face for too long. Have hair guru  friend drip your hair for you to avoid  painful accidents.

Purchasing synthetic hair that is heat is great, but wearers may become frustrated because some products lack the strength that human hair has to be reshaped by heat. Curls may not hold as long on synthetic hair, leaving subscribers to Team Synthetic Hair disappoint and giving up synthetic hair for human hair completely.

Team Human Hair

A popular kind of human hair is live human hair.  According to, “live human hair is unprocessed human hair that has been preserved in its natural state (unchanged).” Hair extension that say “Human Blend” are not 100 percent human hair. Occasionally people are mislead by this label and are intrigued by hair because human is used as a buzz to increase the sale of synthetic hair.

Man-made hair can look realistic for a while, but  can become matted overtime. For long term or everyday use, human hair is a valuable investment. Human hair also provides a wider range of options such as the ability to be colored, permed, relaxed, and easily styled with curling irons and flat irons.

The choice is yours

Synthetic hair is a great way to test out a look before investing in a similar human hair. Because several forms of synthetic hair are designed to be temporary, the cost to switch back and forth between synthetic wigs, braiding hair, and other kinds of extensions makes experimenting  with various looks can be thrilling and cost efficient.  Human hair is more useful as an investment. People that wear human hair  pay anywhere from $200 and beyond for a high quality hair that can be as versatile their natural hair and be user over and over again.

Choosing whether to join Team Synthetic and or Team Human depends on cost, what it will be used for, and the preference of the person desiring to rock a new style.



Do you wear synthetic hair, human hair, or both? Answer below: We would love to read your thoughts!

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