The Versatility of Extension as a Protective Style

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When hair extension come to mind, people assume that they are worn to only enhance someone's appearance. Hair extensions create the power to enhance the beauty aspects of a person that  wears them and so much! The ability of changing up a look has allowed for styles with extension to be an essential part of history for centuries. For just as long, extensions have been utilized as a way to protect hair from the weather elements and natural wear and tear of daily maintenance.

Tired of wearing your hair? Embrace the winter and summer times and invest in protective styles. The colder and warmer months provide the person that wears or is interested in wearing extensions a holistic view of how huge a role extensions play during months with extreme weather conditions. Hair extension that are made into sew-ins or wigs, may be less stressful on hair than braiding extensions on their own, because braid extensions, if they are installed too tight, can damage the edges.

Using extensions for full sew-in’s, allows for the hair to be styled up and  down, choice of several parts and allows for the hair underneath to rest. Extensions brave the weather, sweat, and strain,  from styling tools such as flat irons and curling irons.

 Wowing coworkers and friends with whatever style created for the day,  is an extra bonus to extensions. One of the most valuable benefits of extensions is its ability to promote hair growth.

It’s a must for the hair underneath to be be given proper care. According to, “You should still moisturize and seal, wash on a regular basis, and deep condition.  When you don’t take care of your own hair protective styling can do more harm than good”.

Hair extensions are also worn to grow out hair from undesired results from haircuts, protecting those strains on their renewed hair growth journey.

What are your favorite protective styles using extensions? Answer below: We would love to read your thoughts!

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